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    How To Grow Vidalia Sweet Onion Seeds

    How To Grow Vidalia Sweet Onion Seeds

    How To Grow Vidalia Onions

    Sweet Vidalia Onions are beloved in the South and are diversely used in Southern cuisine as a result.

    Vidalia Onions are varieties of sweet onions that derive from legally defined parts of Georgia. They are unusually sweet compared to other onions due to the low amount of sulfur in the soil in which Vidalia onions are grown.

    The Vidalia onion was named Georgia's official state vegetable in 1990. The Yellow Granex Vidalia noonday onions have a large, white globe-shaped, shimmery, easy-to-peel brass-colored skins, and sweet-flavored flesh. Can also make good scallions.

    Planting Instructions:

    Plant 1/2 inch in soil after danger of frost has passed in Spring in at least 70F temperature soil. Onions prefer cooler weather, plant in late Fall or early Spring for best results.

    Within-Row Spacing

    6 inches

    Between-Row Spacing

    12-18 inches

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