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    10 Original 1920s Navajo Indian Turquoise Beads

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    Introducing our exquisite Original Navajo Indian Turquoise Beads, an irreplaceable piece of history handcrafted by Navajo artisans back in the 1920s. Each bead carries a century-old story, giving you a unique connection to the Native American culture.

    With an authenticity that's 100% guaranteed, these antique beads come from the heart of the Navajo Nation and showcase the splendid turquoise stone, a symbol of protection and a source of power for centuries. Turquoise, prized for its captivating hues ranging from azure blue to apple green, is an iconic stone in Native American jewelry. Each bead is a small canvas where the artistry of the Navajo people shines through, exhibiting an unparalleled level of craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time.

    Our supply is extremely limited due to the rarity and age of these remarkable beads. Each order includes 10 of these turquoise masterpieces, allowing you to own a collection of history and artistic brilliance. They can be strung together to make a statement necklace, or bracelet, or be incorporated into any project that requires a touch of antique charm and cultural depth.

    Embrace this rare opportunity to own a piece of Native American history. These Original Navajo Indian Turquoise Beads are not just antiques, they are timeless mementos that celebrate a rich and diverse culture, delivering echoes of stories untold and traditions revered. Add this set to your collection, and treasure the legacy of the Navajo artisans every day.

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