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    160L Compost Bin: Tipping Bucket Design for Easy Outdoor Composting

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    Welcome to an eco-friendly way of handling kitchen and garden waste with the 160L Compost Bin. Designed as a tipping bucket, it offers ease in loading, mixing, and unloading the compost materials. Crafted with high-quality DHPE PP plastic, this compost bin is resilient against outdoor elements, ensuring longevity. The bin prioritizes aerobic fermentation, efficiently breaking down organic materials into nutrient-rich compost that your plants will love.

    Key Features:

    • Optimal Capacity: The 160L size is perfect for medium-sized gardens and for households that produce a regular amount of kitchen waste.

    • Tipping Bucket Design: Ensures easy loading, stirring, and unloading of compost materials, making the composting process hassle-free.

    • Durable Build: Constructed from robust DHPE PP plastic that stands strong against corrosion, ensuring that the compost bin lasts for years.

    • Aerobic Fermentation: Promotes rapid decomposition of organic materials with minimal odors, giving you fresh compost faster.

    • Eco-Conscious Living: This compost bin is a testament to environmental protection, turning waste into gold for your garden.

    • Sleek Appearance: With its deep black color, the compost bin will seamlessly blend with your garden, offering functionality without compromising aesthetics.

    • Model Specifics: Unique and reliable design as specified by Model Number 436.

    Enhance your garden’s soil quality while making a positive environmental impact. The 160L Compost Bin is the perfect addition to your eco-conscious gardening toolkit.

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