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    4 Tier 5 Potted Plant Stand – Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelves

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    Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your indoor or balcony space with this 4-tier plant stand. Designed to hold up to five pots, this stand offers ample space to showcase your beautiful plants, bringing greenery and style to any room.


    • Number of Tiers: 4 tiers, providing multi-level display for your plants. This design allows you to optimize the space of your room or balcony and ensures that each plant gets adequate sunlight.

    • Material: Made from robust metal, the stand is sturdy and durable. The metal construction ensures that it can bear the weight of the pots and the plants, and offers resilience against wear and tear. Additionally, metal provides a sleek, modern look that complements various dΓ©cor styles.


    • Stability: The metal framework ensures that the stand remains stable, even when loaded with pots.

    • Easy Assembly: The stand is designed for easy assembly. You can set it up in minutes without needing any specialized tools.

    • Space-Efficient: With its vertical design, the stand consumes minimal floor space, making it ideal for apartments, balconies, or small gardens.

    • Versatile Use: While primarily designed for plants, the shelves can also be used to display decorative items, books, or other knick-knacks.

    • Elevated Design: The raised design ensures that your plants are safe from water spillage on the floor, and it's easier to water and maintain them.

    • Weather-resistant: If you decide to place it on your balcony, the metal construction ensures that it can handle outdoor conditions.


    Elevate the look of your indoor space or balcony with this 4-tier, 5 potted plant stand. Made from durable metal, it's designed to last and showcase your plants beautifully. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or just looking to add some greenery to your space, this plant stand is a blend of style and functionality.

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