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    Digital 4 In 1 Soil PH Meter Moisture Monitor Temperature Sunlight Tester for Gardening Plants Farming with Blacklight

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    Enhance your gardening and farming practices with the Digital 4-in-1 Soil PH Meter by SHENGMEIYU. This versatile tool is designed to provide accurate readings on soil pH, moisture levels, temperature, and sunlight exposure. With its digital display, you get clear readings, while the added backlight feature ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. Though not a smart device, its precision and usability make it an indispensable tool for everyone from home gardeners to professional farmers. Its design also incorporates the needs of plumbing DIY supplies, adding another layer of utility.


    • Brand: A trusted product from SHENGMEIYU, known for quality and reliability.
    • Model: GJ099 - synonymous with precision and advanced technology.
    • Display: Crystal-clear DIGITAL display for easy-to-read measurements.
    • Backlight Feature: Ensures visibility in all lighting conditions.
    • Multi-functionality: Measures soil pH, moisture, temperature, and sunlight.
    • Usability: Ideal for both gardening and farming, catering to varied needs.
    • DIY Supplies: Also supports plumbing requirements.

    Gardening and farming decisions are now backed by data. With the Digital 4-in-1 Soil PH Meter, ensure optimal conditions for your plants and crops. Dive into precision-based farming and gardening with SHENGMEIYU!

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