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    Figolite Grow LED Light Bar: Samsung LM301H EVO V5 for Grow Tents

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    Introducing the latest in grow light technology, the Figolite Grow LED Light Bar. Designed with the modern gardener in mind, this state-of-the-art system delivers unmatched performance to keep your plants thriving.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Advanced LED Technology: Equipped with the newest Samsung LM301H EVO V5 LEDs, providing efficient and targeted light for your plants.

    • Variable Power Options: Choose from 240W, 320W, 480W, or 600W depending on your cultivation needs.

    • Intelligent Design: Made from durable aluminum, ensuring longevity and resilience. Plus, its dimensions fit perfectly in standard grow tents.

    • Full Control: The dimmable feature offers flexibility in light intensity to cater to various growth stages of your plants.

    • Certifications Galore: With multiple certifications including ROHS, LVD, GS, FCC, EMC, SAA, CQC, CE, and CCC, you're guaranteed a safe and high-quality product.

    • Generous Warranty: A 5-year warranty ensures your investment is protected.

    Illuminate your grow tent with the precision and power of the 2023 Figolite Grow LED Light Bar, setting a new standard in plant cultivation.

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