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    FLOWERS SPRAL Adjustable Water Gun - Telescopic Magic Garden Hose with High-Pressure Nozzle

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    Unleash the power of precision cleaning with the FLOWERS SPRAL Telescopic Magic Garden Hose. This high-pressure water gun is a game-changer for all your gardening and cleaning needs. Made from premium rubber, it's not just durable but also incredibly flexible. The adjustable nozzle ensures you can switch between different water pressures, making tasks from delicate flower watering to robust cleaning effortless. Plus, with its range of user-friendly features, this garden hose promises unmatched convenience and longevity.


    • Brand: FLOWERS SPRAL, a trusted name in garden maintenance tools.
    • Material: Crafted from high-quality rubber, ensuring durability and flexibility.
    • Model: Garden hose-88, the latest in precision garden cleaning.
    • Type: Premium Garden Hose Reels for efficient storage and use.
    • Adjustability: Nozzle can be adjusted for varying water pressures.
    • Telescopic Design: Easily extendable for reaching farther distances.


    • Multiple Features:
      • Rewindable: Easily retractable for convenient storage.
      • Flexible & Soft: Bends without kinking, ensuring a steady flow.
      • Anti-UV & Anti-Abrasion: Built to withstand sun exposure and wear and tear.
      • Wall Mountable & Freestanding: Multiple setup options for your convenience.
      • Anti-Corrosion: Ensures longevity and consistent performance.

    Transform your gardening and cleaning experience with the FLOWERS SPRAL Telescopic Magic Garden Hose. Whether you're nurturing delicate blooms or tackling stubborn dirt, this high-pressure water gun has got you covered. Elevate your garden maintenance game. Order now!

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