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    GRAXGROW 220V LED Grow Bar: 75LEDs Phytolamp for Plants & Flowers

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    Experience the future of indoor plant growth with the GRAXGROW LED Grow Bar. This 50cm phytolamp, designed specifically for greenhouses and tents, is the perfect solution for flowers and seeding, delivering a consistent and full spectrum of light.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Full Spectrum Lighting: Ensures your plants receive a balanced light diet for healthier growth.

    • Optimal Design: Contains 75 LED lights, making it ideal for a variety of indoor gardening projects.

    • Easy Operation: Comes with an integrated switch for effortless control of the light.

    • Versatility: Whether you're growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs, this light has you covered.

    • Certified & Safe: Approved by CCC, CE, and ROHS, guaranteeing both performance and safety.

    • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy PVC to ensure a long-lasting product life.

    Grow your indoor garden to its full potential with the reliability and efficiency of the GRAXGROW LED Grow Bar.

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