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    Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds

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    Introduce a burst of color to your garden with our Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds. These perennial beauties bloom in a vibrant mix of purple, yellow, and white, offering a charming and whimsical touch to your landscaping.

    True to their name, Johnny Jump Ups are resilient and vigorous, easily springing up in your garden and offering a pleasing visual display. These flowers are known for their distinctive 'faces,' adding character and charm to any garden or container.

    Johnny Jump Ups are not only eye-catching but also edible! They can be used to add a splash of color and a mild, sweet flavor to salads and desserts. As a bonus, they attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden.

    Packaged in a resealable bag, each packet of Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds contains approximately 5,000 seeds, ensuring you have plenty to populate your garden. The seeds are non-GMO, and untreated, making them a safe and natural choice for your garden.

    Enjoy the magic and beauty these delightful flowers bring. Start your gardening journey with Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds.

    Growing Chart:

    Growth Stage Time (Weeks) Notes
    Sowing Seeds 0 Sow seeds 1/8" deep in seed-starting formula
    Germination 2-3 Keep at 65-70°F
    Seedling Growth 4-6 Thin to 6" apart after seedlings have sprouted
    Flowering 8-10 Blooms should appear after 8-10 weeks
    Regular Growth 10+ Maintain moderate soil moisture and full sun to partial shade conditions
    End of Season - Cut back after first frost; may self-seed for next season
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