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    Kakyoin 1800W Electric Grass Trimmer - Cordless Lawn Mower for Perfect Garden Maintenance

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    Tired of the hassles of managing cords while trimming your lawn? Meet the Kakyoin 1800W Electric Grass Trimmer powered by an 18V Makita Battery. This device offers an array of features that every gardener would appreciate. From its high-torque motor to adjustable handles, it promises an effortless lawn mowing and trimming experience. It’s the perfect tool to keep your garden in pristine shape.


    • Brand: Kakyoin
    • Model Number: Cordless Lawn Mower
    • Type: Reel Mowers - offers a precise cut.
    • Power: 1800W - High power for efficient trimming and mowing.
    • Power Type: Electricity - using an 18V Makita Battery.
    • Forward Speed: Other - adapts to different lawn conditions.
    • Cutting Width: Grass Trimmer - Perfect for both trimming and mowing.
    • Certification: CE - Ensures quality and safety standards.


    • High Torque: Powerful enough to cut through dense grass and weeds.
    • Height Adjustable Handles: Customize the handle height for comfort and precision.
    • Anti-Slip: Ensures a secure grip for safety and accuracy.
    • Antistall: Prevents the machine from stalling mid-task.
    • Cordless: No more tangling and tripping over cords.
    • Folding Handle: Makes it convenient for storage.


    • Efficient Performance: With 1800W, it offers powerful and consistent performance.
    • Safety First: The anti-slip feature ensures that the trimmer remains securely in your hands.
    • Versatility: It functions as both a grass trimmer and a lawn mower.
    • User Comfort: Height-adjustable handles mean a more ergonomic gardening experience.
    • Space-saving: Folding handles allow for compact storage.


    The Kakyoin 1800W Electric Grass Trimmer is not just a tool; it's a gardener's companion. Whether you're trimming the edges or mowing the lawn, its advanced features ensure the task is efficient and enjoyable. Moreover, its cordless design powered by a reliable 18V Makita Battery ensures mobility and ease of use. Your garden deserves the best, and this trimmer promises just that.

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