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    Liorna Transparent Double Layer Self-Watering Plastic Flower Pot

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    Introducing the Liorna Transparent Double Layer Flower Pot - a revolution in plant care for the modern gardener. This innovative pot is designed with a self-watering system, making plant maintenance easier than ever before.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Self-Watering System: Equipped with a unique cotton rope watering mechanism, this pot ensures your plants get the right amount of water they need. Just fill the injection port, and the pot takes care of the rest.

    • Transparent Design: The clear plastic design allows you to see the water level, ensuring you never over or under-water your plants again. Plus, it offers a modern aesthetic appeal to any space.

    • Double Layer Protection: This pot is designed with two layers, ensuring your plants have ample space to grow, while the outer layer holds the water, making the self-watering mechanism possible.

    • Versatile Use: Perfect for both flowers and green plants, this pot is versatile enough for all your planting needs.

    • Brand Assurance: Liorna is known for its quality and innovative gardening solutions. This flower pot stands testament to their commitment to quality and functionality.

    Simplify your gardening routine and ensure your plants thrive with the Liorna Transparent Double Layer Self-Watering Plastic Flower Pot. A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for the modern gardener.

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