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    ONEVAN 2In1 3500W Cordless Electric Air Blower

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    Experience the power and convenience of the ONEVAN 2In1 3500W Cordless Electric Air Blower. With an impressive 36000RPM, this tool is perfect for everyone from the DIY enthusiast to the dedicated gardener. Designed for compatibility with the Makita 18V Battery, it promises hours of uninterrupted work, allowing you to tackle any task with ease and efficiency.


    • Brand Name: ONEVAN
    • Model Number: ONEVAN
    • Type: Turbo Blower - designed for maximum efficiency and powerful performance.
    • Power Source: Battery-powered – ensuring freedom of movement without the limitation of cords.
    • Rated Power: 3500W – delivering a robust performance to clear debris, leaves, and more.
    • Pressure: High Pressure – making it adept at handling even stubborn debris.
    • Wattage: 2000-3999W – providing a range that showcases its powerful capabilities.
    • Usage: Home DIY – perfect for the hands-on homeowner and gardening enthusiast.
    • Certification: CE certified – assuring quality and safety in performance.
    • Application: Air Blower.


    • High-Efficiency Performance: Boasting a rated power of 3500W and an exceptional speed of 36000RPM.
    • Battery Compatibility: Specially crafted for the 18V Makita Battery, ensuring a lasting and consistent power source.
    • Versatility: The 2In1 design allows it to serve as both an efficient air blower and a garden sweeper.
    • Certified Quality: Comes with CE certification, reflecting its high standards of quality and performance.
    • Ergonomic Design: Its cordless nature ensures ease of use, allowing for maximum maneuverability without the hindrance of wires.


    The ONEVAN 2In1 3500W Cordless Electric Air Blower is the ultimate tool for those who prioritize both power and flexibility. Whether you are clearing leaves from your garden, sweeping debris off your patio, or engaging in a DIY project, this turbo blower ensures that your environment remains clean and tidy. Its compatibility with the Makita 18V Battery promises hours of high-powered performance. With the ONEVAN blower, you're investing in quality, power, and efficiency.

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