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    ONEVAN 46000RPM Wireless Air Blower Leaf Blower

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    Introducing the ONEVAN 46000RPM Wireless Air Blower – an exceptional garden tool designed to tackle even the most challenging yard tasks with ease. With its unmatched power, the blower ensures that leaves and debris are cleared efficiently and effectively. This model boasts a staggering 4500W rated power and is compatible with Makita 18V batteries. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a homeowner aiming for a pristine garden, the ONEVAN blower guarantees peak performance and reliability.


    • Brand: ONEVAN
    • Model Number: ONEVAN
    • Type: Turbo Blower - An advanced blower type designed to produce powerful air streams.
    • Usage: Home DIY - Perfect for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to maintain and keep gardens clean.
    • Rated Power: 4500W - Offering high-power performance for efficient garden maintenance.
    • Wattage: 4000-5999W - A powerful range ensuring the blower's efficient operation.
    • Pressure: High Pressure - Powerful enough to remove even wet leaves and stubborn debris.
    • Power Source: Battery - Cordless operation, compatible with Makita 18V batteries.
    • Certification: CE - Indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
    • Application: Air Blower - Designed to blow air and clear debris effectively.


    • High RPM: The blower boasts a top speed of 46000RPM, ensuring effective leaf and debris clearance.
    • 6 Gear System: Allows users to select and adjust the power according to the task at hand.
    • Wireless Operation: Cordless feature ensures maneuverability without being restricted by a power cord.
    • Compatibility: Designed for use with Makita 18V batteries, ensuring longer operation time and reliability.
    • Certified Quality: CE certification ensures that the blower adheres to European safety and environmental standards.


    The ONEVAN 46000RPM Wireless Air Blower is the perfect tool for those aiming for a spotless garden. With its impressive 4500W power and a 6-gear system, this turbo blower is designed to suit various garden tasks. Its cordless feature, powered by Makita 18V batteries, ensures that you can cover every corner of your yard. Certified with the CE mark, users can be confident in the blower's safety and quality.

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