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    QNBDG LED Plant Lamp 220V Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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    Introducing the QNBDG LED Plant Lamp, your all-in-one solution for enhancing indoor plant growth. Tailored for today's modern indoor gardener, this lamp offers a blend of technology and efficiency to promote optimal plant health and yield.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Full Spectrum: Ranges from Red/Blue/White to Infrared/Ultraviolet/Orange ensuring every stage of plant growth is catered for.

    • Diverse Plug Options: Comes with US, EU, and UK plug types, suiting your specific needs.

    • High-Quality Build: Made of high-quality plastic ensuring durability and longevity.

    • LED Efficiency: Powered by SMD 2835 LED type, providing optimum light for your plants.

    • Wider Coverage: With a width of 200mm and length of 40cm, this lamp ensures uniform light distribution.

    • Safety and Certifications: Certified by CCC, GS, LVD, FCC, ROHS, and CE ensuring quality and safety standards are met.

    • Two Year Warranty: Offering peace of mind with a two-year warranty period.

    Elevate your indoor garden's potential with the QNBDG LED Plant Lamp, ensuring your plants thrive all year round!

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