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    Rock Purslane

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    Now presenting our fresh and ready-to-plant Rock Purslane seeds - your passport to a vibrant garden! Unleash a sea of magenta flowers that boast a spectacular display of color, contrasting with the succulent silver-grey leaves. Known scientifically as Calandrinia grandiflora, these low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants will be a show-stopping addition to your garden.

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    Growing Instructions:

    1. Soil Preparation: Plant in well-drained, sandy soil for optimal growth.
    2. Sunlight: Provide full sun exposure.
    3. Watering: Water regularly initially and reduce to occasional watering once established.
    4. Spacing: Maintain a distance of 12-18 inches between plants for proper growth.

    Rock Purslane Growing Table Chart:

    Stage Temperature (°F) Days to Germinate Watering Frequency Sunlight Exposure
    Seed 60 - 70 14 - 21 Daily Full Sun
    Sprout 60 - 70 21 - 28 Every 2-3 Days Full Sun
    Young Plant 70 - 80 N/A Once a week Full Sun
    Mature Plant 70 - 80 N/A Every 2 weeks Full Sun


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