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    Salvia Seeds

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    Discover the enchanting allure of our Premium Salvia Seeds, an exceptional addition to any garden lover's seed collection. Packaged with care, our seeds are guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality, poised to transform your green space into a paradise of radiant colors and enticing fragrances.

    Salvia, also known as sage, belongs to one of the largest genus of plants in the mint family. Renowned for its versatility and hardiness, Salvia plants flourish in a wide array of climates and can even withstand drought conditions, making them an ideal choice for novice and seasoned gardeners alike. Their striking flowers bloom in vivid arrays of red, purple, blue, or white, attracting pollinators to your garden while adding a striking contrast against the rich, green foliage.

    Available in two quantities, 1,000 and 2,000 seeds, each package is meticulously measured to ensure accuracy. Whether you have a small garden patch or a sprawling landscape to fill, our Salvia Seeds offer a sustainable, organic option for boosting your garden's beauty.

    Unleash your green thumb and indulge in the delightful journey from sowing to blooming with our Salvia Seeds!

    Grow Chart:

    Stages of Growth 1,000 Seeds 2,000 Seeds
    Sowing Week 1-2 Week 1-2
    Germination Week 2-3 Week 2-3
    Seedling Establishment Week 3-5 Week 3-5
    Vegetative Growth Week 5-8 Week 5-8
    Budding Week 8-10 Week 8-10
    Flowering Week 10 onwards Week 10 onwards


    Please note that these are approximate timelines and actual growth can vary based on environmental conditions, quality of soil, and care provided.

    Make sure to plant the seeds in well-drained soil with ample sun exposure. For best results, maintain consistent watering and feed with a slow-release fertilizer during the vegetative growth stage. The Salvia plant is a hardy specimen, but keep an eye out for pests and disease, treating as necessary.

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