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    Spearmint Seeds

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    Introducing our Spearmint Seeds – your doorway to homegrown freshness and natural goodness! Sourced responsibly and packaged meticulously, our seeds are designed to give you a lush, fragrant garden of spearmint in your own backyard.

    Every packet contains a bounty of high-quality, non-GMO seeds. Our spearmint seeds are renowned for their superior germination rate and robust growth. They are meticulously tested and carefully stored to guarantee optimum freshness and viability. Each seed is the potential start of a plant teeming with aromatic leaves that can be used to enhance the flavor of your dishes or to make refreshing teas.

    Our seeds are available in two quantities - a generous pack of 10,000 seeds for small to medium gardens or a mega pack of 20,000 seeds for larger green spaces or commercial cultivation. Plant them in pots on your windowsill, in your backyard, or kitchen garden, and watch as they transform into hardy plants that offer you bountiful harvests year after year.

    Spearmint Grow Chart:

    Stage Days After Planting Notes
    Germination 12-20 Ideal temperature for germination is between 60-75°F.
    Seedling 21-28 Transplant seedlings into the garden or pot when they are 2-3" tall.
    Vegetative 29-60 Water regularly and ensure adequate sun exposure, about 6 hours daily.
    Flowering 60+ Flowering can start anytime after the vegetative stage.
    Harvesting 75+ Start harvesting leaves once plants are fully established.


    Keep in mind that the growing speed and the overall health of the plants will depend on the care provided and the environmental conditions they are grown in. Enjoy the journey and reap the flavorful rewards of homegrown spearmint!

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