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    Tank Tap Connector S60x6 IBC - Coarse Thread Water Coupling Adapter for 1000L Tanks

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    Efficiently manage water distribution from your 1000L tanks with the S60x6 IBC Tank Tap Connector. Designed with a coarse thread, this connector ensures a secure and leak-free connection. Made from robust PP plastic, it promises durability and long-lasting performance. With options for both 1/2'' and 3/4'' water coupling, it provides versatility for various garden and home requirements. This connector not only functions as a hose splitter but is also compatible as a standard connector, making it a must-have for every modern household.


    • Material: High-quality PP plastic for enhanced durability.
    • Type: Essential Garden Water Connectors for effective water management.
    • Standard: Adheres to DIN standards, ensuring a reliable connection.
    • Thread Design: S60x6 coarse thread for a tight and secure fit.
    • Versatility: Suitable for both 1/2'' and 3/4'' water couplings.
    • Connector Types: Functions as both hose splitters and standard connectors.
    • Application: Ideal for 1000L IBC tanks, ensuring optimum water flow and distribution.

    Effortless water management is now at your fingertips. With the S60x6 IBC Tank Tap Connector, enjoy a seamless water distribution experience, be it for your garden or home. Ensure your tanks are equipped with the best.

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