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    Yellow Granex Onion - PRR F1 Hybrid

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    Yellow Granex Onion - PRR F1 Hybrid is a type of yellow onion that is known for its sweet and mild flavor. It is a hybrid variety that is resistant to bolting and is ideal for both short and long-day growing regions. Here are some general growing instructions for Yellow Granex Onion - PRR F1 Hybrid:

    • Plant onion sets in late winter or early spring, in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.
    • Space the sets 2-3 inches apart and 1-2 inches deep.
    • Water regularly to keep the soil consistently moist.
    • Fertilize as per the package instructions.
    • Keep the area weed-free.
    • Reduce watering as the onions mature, and harvest when the tops fall over and the leaves turn brown.
    Task Timing
    Plant onion sets Late Winter/Early Spring
    Space sets (inches) 2-3 apart, 1-2 deep
    Water regularly Keep soil consistently moist
    Fertilize As per package instructions
    Keep area weed-free Always
    Reduce watering as onions mature Be sure to reduce
    Harvest Late summer when tops fall over and leaves turn brown


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